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Pathoma and First Aid review through Picmonic - samira6254

I look for a persistent study partner to review First Aid through questions of Picmonic. Please send me your Skype ID if interested. 3-4 hours per day. My availability is weekdays btw 12 to 4 pm central time.

Thanks in advance
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Hey samir, when are you planning on taking the test? jimmyegil is my skype
hi my name is ala'a , my aim is 250 , I want to study Uworld with first aid and pathos and scitchy micro and everything make us get 250 + my phone number for whatsppp +18456828984 , and I live in Santa Clarita , CA , los angles
hey im sitting at 170 right now and want to boost my score.
just focusing on Uworld, sketchy, pathoma and first aid
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