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Sketchy Microbiology with Anki flash cards - sarah2018
I bought this sketchy microbiology helped me improve my NBME score 8 point.
They sell the videos at high speed, and flash cards made out of the videos = very organized
I skipped FA micro and only used this and i am so great-full I did.
RNA viruses in one video- 1 hour long
DNA viruses in another video- 1 hour long
gram negative bacteria in one video- 1 hour long
gram positive bacteria - 1 hour long
Fungus -one video - 30 min long
Parasites- one video- 40 min long

You basically need to watch one video (takes 1 hr) every morning then study anything. Every day keep doing this for month- u will memorize the whole micro is simple way. Then after that start studying the flash cards with each video two or three times is enough.


Remember work smart not hard

Good luck in your exam
It is also important to fully understand the material you are studying rather than just memorizing it, as this will better prepare you for clinical practice. foodle
I found exactly what I was seeking in your post. The information is accurate and I really like it. growdle contexto
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