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Need a study partner in Canada EST - joieofliving
hey im sitting at 170 right now and want to boost my score to 240
just focusing on Uworld, sketchy, pathoma and first aid.
I dont want to complicate things with too much material.

I've never studied with a partner and I dont really make study schedules
But i finished everything once. and have atleast 1500 Uworld Q's to go
I did B&B (just physio and pathology and some anatomy)
did Kaplan Biochem and Micro/Immuno
did Pathoma 2x (but its been a while, so i need a fresher)
did Golijan a little bit (not intensely)

Im more at a stage where I need a rigid schedule or someone compatible, and comfortable, who knows their stuff and can make me stick to a schedule.

I wake up at 4am and end sleep at 10pm - I do get sleepy midday so im thinking of implementing a short afternoon nap.

I've tried study partners from USA and India before but never worked out, so im being very specific now. Looking for someone in Canada, or in EST.

[email protected] (dot com)

P.s I've failed step1 once. im being honest. and started studying for the exam after a lot of doubt after a long time. so i had to start from scratch.

Im a quick learner, not confident, but dedicated.

we can study for 2 sessions, and see if we are compatible.

I passed I can help for free
nasabmd how can i reach you?

and why are you helping for free, I would love to take you up on your offer.

can you stick with me for 7 weeks?
how many hours can you study each day? I would like to joint for final prep ive been studying for 16 weeks so far
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