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passed step 3 - reglandr
I am so glad i finally passed my step 3 exam and now I can graduate. I am a single mother with 2 kids and I had barely any time to study each day, and I would like to thank all my study partners i met on this forum and elsewhere, with hard work and perseverence nothing will dismantle the flag of success. I would like to give a special thanks to the Goldusmle step 3 training program they helped me alot and made me understand what i needed to do to finish the blocks in time. They went over the specific steps needed to solve the 10 min and 20 min CCS cases. The 10 min CCS case training was the main reason why I passed as this was the part i struggled with on my own. the goldusmle step 3 class gave me the blueprint to solve the 10 min CCS and send the patient home happy. You need to follow the order they give step by step to get all the points for the 10 min CCS case. The provide you all the steps and also go over the content with their multiple choice questions which were all high yield on the exam. I strongly recommend the UW cases along with the Goldusmle training classes as they helped me alot in my step 3 MCQ and CCS prep.
congratulations on passing, and good luck with graduation, thank you for making the time to meet with me at the library best wishes to you
Hello reglandr!
I'm also preparing for step3 n would like to seek guidance from u about preparing . Could u kindly share your email with me?
congratulations and thank you for helping me
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