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Step 1 SP needed. intermediate level. - joieofliving
So i've finished reviewing.

im more in b/w dedicated, though I dont know what that looks like at the moment cause I took 2 months off due to personal issues.

I want to go over FA - im personally doing that by doing B&B (just embryo/anatomy/physio)

for path im going to quickly go over Pathoma one more time

for Micro and Pharm - i've done sketchy and will use these as refreshers.

for Qbank im using Uworld.

I need someone in EST, someone who can stick to a schedule and keep each other motivated.

I want to be ready in 7 weeks to take my schools practice exam. and then ill have another 4 weeks before i can take the real test.

leave your email


we can do our independent work and hold each other accountable.

ex: like set goal to do B&B renal together, check on each hourly. then meet to do a review of FA renal section and go over Uworld questions (though im not sure if Uworld would allow screen sharing)
hey i am at the same level i live in est time zone so yeah have my exam in 6 weeks as well
champ007 reach out to me at stuydingstep1
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