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What should I do regarding my USMLE Step 1 exam? - pandadoctor2022

I am an non-US IMG that is currently studying for his USMLE Step 1 exam in September.

I realized that I need to reschedule my exam since I am running behind. I am debating whether to take my exam in November and try to get a good score or wait until January 2022 and take my exam pass/fail. I am able to pass it now with what I know but need extra time to get a high score.

I am applying for 2023 match and I am not sure if the programs are able to see my step 1 score if I take it before January 2022 or if my score will affect the selection criteria.

I guess my question is should I try to get a good score or take it pass/fail since the programs may not even get to see my score?
Are you done with Step 1 and CK?
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