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God is truly faithful! I finally matched after 3 years of applying
Getting into residency can be truly challenging. I had tried 3 years in a row and finally matched in March of this year.  Ist year 1 interview, 2nd year 0 interview and 3rd year, 3 interviews. What I did differently: 

1. PRAY! PRAY!! PRAY!!! and FASTING!!! 

2. improved my cv each year either through externships and observerships

3. completed step 3

4. Personal statement. I heard this aspect does not play much of a role but I think it does. try to get family, friends, other residents that you know, i even had some one in the corporate world take a look at mine. 

Stats: 237/239/225 and pass in step 2 cs (second attempt)

Pls do not give up on your dreams. I know it is easier said than done but remain prayerful and work hard on your complete application. I wish everyone the best this season!!!
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