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Passed step 1 what i used to help
I recently got my passing results for the step 1 exam scored 252 and I would like to thank all my study partners I met on this forum. Thank you for taking the time to be my study partner all of the meetings at the library worked out well for me. I used FA, UW questions, goljan notes and Goldusmle review helped me focus on what was most important. I had limited time to study since i have 3 children and I made the most of my time with the goldusmle class helped me find the keywords on each question, understand Most common cause and differentials very well. The  focused reviews helped my score on my NBME go up by 30 points and they integrate everything together for you and help you understand the underlying pathogenesis and mechanisms very well. I highly recommend their class had only 8 weeks to study and the goldusmle class was a quick fix for me and cut down on my study time. I only had enough time to cover UW once.

8 weeks was enough time to study, i studied about 8 hours each day averaged 100 questions per day
Congratulations nidhi on passing, it was a pleasure to be your study partner best wishes to you on your CK.
if you want to start studying for it let me know
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