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Passed step 3 with high performance
I was able to improve my CCS and MCQ performance because of the goldusmlereview class, it is very good and helped me overcome this exam. On my first attempt i didnt use anything but UW and FA had to deal with my 3 kids while preparing and it was very difficult. I barely slept. On the second time around I used the goldusmlereview classes and I did much better on my NBME . This is an Excellent review course for step 3 overall. Especially for the residents who have limited time for study prep. The course is structured to cover the high yield material and the instructor perfectly reviews the biostatistics with emphasis, internal medicine, peds, obgyn, body systems, basic sciences, and CCS was covered in detail each day in as less as 6 weeks. I highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking an interactive rapid review course. I took the 6 weeks program and learned alot each day.
thank you for being my study partner marco those long hours at the library definitely paid off congratulations to you thanks for all the help
Awesome Job! Congratulations!

What advice would you give to a Step 2 Ck preper on how to get on step 3 while studying for step 2 ck?
Is it a good idea to start doing step 3 with step 2 ck or no?
And if so, Can you outline a small go of it, as to what you think is the best way (just your 2 cents on it)
Thank you!
once again congrats!
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