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Looking for female SP from India, located in the US (EST/CST/PST).
I am an Indian female, 3 YOG, in the US (est), married and no kids. I just started my first pass UW subject wise and will take step 2 in April. I am looking for a female SP from India, for accountability/pushing each other to reach our goals, while staying on zoom etc, maybe we could discuss any interesting facts/topics along the way.

If you are someone with similar challenges ie. accountability, please message out to me on 347-674-6739 and we can get to know each other. If located in a US timezone, we can work our timings out (as my previous SP was in PST as well). If you are located in another country (except canada), may be a bit hard.

If you are looking to do UW blocks/same subject and discuss topics daily, I may not be an ideal SP for you unfortunately as I currently study on my own with anki, and may slow you down (may not be fair to you).
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