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intense review for exams
Interested in someone for ETZ for Step 1 in 3 weeks

goal- 2-3 days/subject(U world-FA combined) intense review 
 Non negotiable start 6.30AM-ETZ 

Start time morning with breaks throughout the day, but intense to finish the review and no distraction.
If you cant plan, then do not worry. We all are good at something and get a partner to fill in for our weaknesses.

Let's get good or go home.

I am strict, disciplined, yet friendly.

I am all about business and does not matter if Step 1, is pass or fail. How you do on step 1 reflects on Step 2.

If focus, intense and ruthless determination is what you need in a partner, then try me.

PS-I had a study partner who I absolutely adore, she has taken the exams and I need someone to accompany me on my not so long journey.

Note-Old IMG Indian with A PG and a hard player.
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