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Residency Personal Statement Tips
Hello everyone, 

I am visiting this place again, and I know exactly how you feel. Continue to work toward your goal. Nothing is impossible and the possibilities are endless.  

I'd like to share with you an important strategy for boosting your application, and attracting you to the interview. Many applicants make the mistake of writing a poor personal statement: therefore, I wanted to assist and crate a questionnaire that will include what you actually need in the statement. Unfortunately, I was unable to copy and paste it here, so please my blog to review it.  

In summary, here is the five paragraphs you need for the statement : 
1. Grabber paragraph
2. Explain why you want to be a physician 
3. Explain why you choose that specialty. 
4. Personal strength. 
5. Credibility
6. Teaching and training. 

I have all the details in my blog, and I have a plan to post more useful information. Believe me, it is hard, but it is worth it, and you always have to play smart. Don't hesitate to reach out for questions and tips.

I've also posted some CV and letter of recommendations tips. I was astounded when a doctor shared his LoR with me. In the letter, he basically stated what my education was. I was taken aback.

Many professors do not understand how to write LoR. Some simply repeat your CV in a statement. It is sometimes beneficial to write a draft and share it with whoever writers the LoR to ensure that it is well written and accurately describes you rather than duplicating your CV.

Again, I can't copy and past. But you can read more details in my blog at
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