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Foreign MD grad, been working as PA in the US, looking to take USMLEs then residency?
Hello everyone, 

I am a foreign grad, graduated med school overseas in 1998, and have been living in the US for about 18 years. I am a US citizen. Back in the day I took my exams but my scores weren't that great so I didn't match for 3 consecutive years. Therefore, I decided to go to take a different path since I needed money. So at first I  worked as a nurse assistant for a year, then clinical assistant for another year, as well as phlebotomist for several months. 

Then I went to PA school and have been working as a PA for a few years now, in internal medicine and dermatology. I am really looking to get back to residency right now. I honestly still have my notebooks and all USMLE stuff from early 2000. I know I am gonna have to take the tests again, but would it be possible to match after all these years? I am nearly 50 now.
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