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USMLE Coaching Program Tailored to your needs
Cool Hi everyone, 
I am an IMG who has succeeded at getting into the most competitive specialties in the US: Ophthalmology. I completed my fellowship at Harvard Medical School/Mass Eye and Ear in the field of Anterior Segment surgery. 
Passing and scoring high on my USMLE's has been a HUGE factor in my success story. I cracked the code on how to achieve your dreams and academic aspirations. 
I created a unique USMLE coaching system that has helped many students and IMGs. It is a better system than any streamline tutoring system or classes you have tried before. You have full 24/7 access to me so you will never feel alone. 
I coach you in every aspect of your life, including creating accountability, scheduling, discuss obstacles in your life and emotions that could be blocking you. 
By creating a foundation for your life and schedule before we start the "studying" sessions, I give you the highest chance of success. 
My main method is studying sessions ONE on ONE on video that is focused on tailoring a program for you.  Together, we find your strong abilities and fine tune the areas of weakness. I know you are smart enough because you ALREADY got into medical school !!! So by doing questions from your own Qbank, I help you uncover your own unique test taking strategies, memorization tools and correct the parts that haven't been working for you for this exam that is like no other. 
Each session, I train you on how to learn and memorize in a way that works for your BRAIN. I finally train you for the day of the exam on how to access your memory quickly and how to be FAST and efficient. USMLE is a marathon, and I can help you reach the finish line with the most effective amount of time and the least pain possible. 
I have clients who were struggling for years to pass these exams, and once they started working with me, not only were they were able to pass their exams they also matched in the specialty of their choice. I have met some of the families of my clients and it was a great feeling to see the gratitude on their faces for the unique services that helped their sons or daughters, after some of them almost lost hope. 
If anyone is interested in my one on one coaching program, please email me at : [email protected] Phone/textwhatsapp : 857-347-7546.
If you have any questions, I will be happy to offer FREE 20 minute zoom session to answer and discuss my strategies and pricing.
I look forward to meeting with you !
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