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Pathology Residency and Timeline questions
I am an old IMG, decided to apply for the pathology residency at this late stage in my career. I got my ECFMG certification back in 2013 while I was doing my PhD. I applied once back in 2016 for IM residency but did not get matched. Meanwhile, I established a career in epidemiological research, now working for the government at the level of an Asst. Prof. My research is mainly focused on identifying molecular biomarkers to understand the mechanisms of chronic diseases such as cardiometabolic diseases and cancers using multiple Omics' data (epigenomics, metabolomics, proteomics etc.). I now realize that the residency training in pathology could complement my research in molecular epidemiology and would allow me to contribute more to the institute and to medical science in general. The catch is that I did not take Step 3 and my Step 1 was completed in 2011, more than 10 years ago, which may disqualify me for medical licensing in most US states (do not have a clear idea how this may actually factor in to my residency training eligibility). However, there are a few states (NY, MD, NC, AK, PA etc.) that do not have a time limit restriction. My questions are:

1. Is there still time to submit an application for 2023 match? What are the deadlines?
2. Anyone has a clearer understanding of how the time limit (from step 1 to step 3 completion) may impact my residency training eligibility?
3. Any particular programs/states may suit to my profile?  

Thanks in advance!!
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