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Same question like many
Hey guys, I was pretty active many years ago as I was desperately looking for residency spots and worried about my next step since I knew only one way that was practice medicine. I am ECFMG certified since 2011, did some observer ship in Peds and Family medicine. I started a job in 2013' and has been working in the field of electrophysiology. Ascended in the field and has been working for the last almost 10 yrs. My question is I am an old graduate with multiple attempts (6 in step2) in each step and scores over 10 yrs. 

Things in my favor since 2011 is, I am ECFMG certified, Clinical experience for 10 yrs and the biggest plus is I am a Citizen. I miss Practicing as a Physician, is it too late to apply this year? If I can try my luck (which I am not sure) where should I start.

Thanks in advance to all who respond, let's do this together!!
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