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Alhamdulilah Passed Step2CK 252
I am very happy with my performance on my USMLE step2CK exam, I would like to thank my study partners that spent countless hours staying up with me, when i only had a limited amount of time to prepare.I used UW, (2 rounds) helped reinforce the materials, Goldusmle rapid review sessions were very helpful, and some amboss to go over old concepts, studied all of my shelf exams, and did all nbme with good predictive scores.Surprisingly, I finished each block with roughly 5 minutes to spare. This allowed me to go back through my marked questions (about 8-9 per block). The questions stems were shorter than most of the Uworld questions and represented NBME-style questions. Abstracts from research studies were new to me. Ok, I think there’s an example of this in the Uworld Assessment. But, the ones on the real exam were much more complex and required strong critical thinking skills. These abstracts require one to interpret a study, apply it to a patient case, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the research study. I had two abstracts and they both consisted of three questions each.
38 questions per block. The two blocks that contained the abstracts consisted of 38 instead of 40 questions. These questions took longer to get through so I’m glad the test writers accounted for this. Biostats. I had about 7-8 first ordered questions that covered a broad range of topics such as power, bias, relative risk, tests, and error.It was a comprehensive exam and I didn’t feel like there was one particular subject that was more heavily covered than others.Most of the questions asked, “What is your initial step in management?” All the answer choices included steps you would take to manage that patient but forced you to decide which is the best first step.There were questions on basic Step 1 knowledge sprinkled in throughout (about 1-2 each block). There’s really no way to prepare for these. I don’t think spending hours reviewing all of Sketchy or First Aid is worth it.
GoldUSMLE was very helpful and helped me understand the steps to each differential diagnosis, and treatment options, they go over flow charts and help you understand what comes next in the next step questions. I strongly recommend them

It took me about 10 weeks to finish prepping, I did most of UW while in rotations, and to complement the shelf exams, did 8 weeks course for gold and it helped. Thank you everyone
congratulations it was a pleasure to be your study partner
Congratulations, it was a joy to work with you throughout your studies.
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