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Step 2CK 180-day Subscription (New, Never activated) for $400 ONLY

Selling Step 2CK 180-day Subscription (New, Never activated) for $400 ONLY. I know other med students want to buy it at this lower price & I have been in their situation one day. Please directly email me at , and then we agree on a suitable method of payment & everyone should be happy. And also do not say blindly this is a scam, it's NOT. Once you reach out, we will talk directly with each other as professionals. Nothing to hide & you will have a guarantee for what you buy. Optional: I can also upgrade the subscription to 360-Day Access for you for $500, but you don't have to. This Ad starts today 21 Jan 2023 & once the subscription is bought the Ad will be taken down. You can email now Best of luck with your studiesĀ 

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