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IMG in residency training but under disciplinary actions or dismissed, gather here
If you are an IMG who matched but were exposed to series of harassment, bullying or internal investigations by your program or hospital that ended up by your dimissal from residency training. 

You are not a lone 
All IMG are being exposed to the same thing if they ended up matching in program that does not appreciate diversity or not IMG friendly. 

We need to create union for IMG - I am inviting all of you those who matched and those who ended up not matching and trying for years.. comment below this post and add your contacts ( email and phone number, name) 

We can help.
Creating a support network for IMGs to share their experiences, seek advice, and advocate for better working conditions and equal treatment is a great idea. However, for your own safety and privacy, I would strongly advise against sharing personal contact information like email addresses or phone numbers in a public forum like this.

Instead, consider creating or joining online forums, social media groups, or professional organizations that are dedicated to supporting IMGs and addressing the issues they face. These platforms can provide a safer space for discussions and connections with others who have had similar experiences. tunnel rush
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