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Residency Hero

I know that the residency match can seem like an overwhelming process. I'd like to help.

My name is Kristin Boyd. I'm a veteran of fifteen successful residency matches with Northwestern University. I know exactly what program directors want to see and I've created Residency Hero to help med students and international medical graduates position themselves as high-value recruits for residency programs.

I'm happy to help with all aspects of your application, from feedback to editing. I also offer "ask me anything" sessions asynchronously via the Volley or ZipMessage apps.

Since there is only one of me and I'm not able to accommodate all 1:1 requests, I will be rolling out do-it-yourself courses/toolkits in late March/April. Each toolkit will contain a strategy guide, cheat sheet and templates designed to help you:

get USCE 
network your way into residency
write a stand-out personal statement
obtain the best LORs
best ERAS filters by connecting with program staff

A little bit about my background: I was a residency coordinator at Northwestern for 15 years, where I screened thousands of applications from all over the world. Before that, I worked in the international department of a film studio, where I read a ton of screenplays and learned the importance of great storytelling. Having a strong narrative arc in your application materials is something that I think many applicants overlook.

My mother has been in family practice for 46 years--I grew up working in her clinic. At NU, I worked with some insanely talented IMGs and was constantly impressed by their intelligence, focus and sheer determination (one person who was denied a residency interview with us came back for fellowship, and is now a valued faculty member).

In addition, I studied intercultural communication as part of my international affairs degree from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, and I noticed that IMGs sometimes communicate in a way that feels "off" to Americans. Your emails seem to lack confidence, which is unfortunate, because you definitely have the credentials. I can help with that, too.

If you would like 1:1 help, or you just want to get on the waitlist for the self-study courses/toolkits, please visit my website at

Good luck with the match!

Kristin Boyd
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