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Dear Doctors,
I am teaching for USMLE doctors for the past 8 years - with my areas in strength are - biostatistics, pathology, genetics, psychiatry, biochemistry. Many doctors scored more than 240. 

I scored step 1- 250, step 2 - 255, step 3- 248.
I am always interested in teaching. Kindly feel free to contact me if you need help.My email is - DRRAJENDRAN87@GMAIL.COM.

Further I do help in residency matching and interview preparation [personal statement and how to perform on the day of interview]
- individualised help in personal statement preparation and revision of PS 3 times
- discussion of steps and important aspects regarding how to perform on the day of interview for respective specialty and to increase the chance of matching to maximum possible extent.
- personal strategies to validate the areas of strengths and to formulate plans to improve the areas of weakness and to excel in interview

Dr Raj
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