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please help any advice!
I am an IMG(graduated in 2019), I am a US Permanent Resident with TWO FAILED attempts on Step 1, passed on my third attempt last year. I finished my OET too. I am currently preparing for Step 2, my recent NBME 9 was 231. I am planning on taking Step 2 end of next month hopefully bump my score a bit higher by then. I want to apply for Residency this year in September. 
I have those two major red flags, I know its super hard to match but I am determined to at least try my best. The reason for my gap and failed attempts was basically I had to move back to India during COVID for family and had to stay back, I got married and then got pregnant. I took my exam 2 months Postpartum and it was chaotic. I was not at the right mental or physical state for it, I was pumping during break time since I was breast feeding my baby. I ended up taking it since my eligibility period was ending and I just wanted to get it done with.
I know I messed up, but now I want to try to see if I even have a chance. I previously did two rotations back when I was a student in 2018-2019, but I know they wont be valid now. I plan on doing 3 clinical rotations through a paid IMG rotations program, since its hard for IMG to get rotations directly. 
I know Family Medicine or Internal is the best option to try. The question I have is, is it better to do all 3 rotations in Internal Medicine or Family Medicine? or Should I do 2 Internal Medicine and 1 in Family Medicine. The closest chance I have for matching would be in FM or IM. So please advice on which rotations are better in matching and how I can improve my chances in matching, literally any advice regarding this whole process is super helpful. I am also volunteering at few places like Hospice, other non profit organizations. I tried applying for research but didn’t go further with it since I have to move to another state for a year and I can’t do that with my baby who is 17 months now. I really am trying now to clean up my mess, please be kind and give any advice regarding my situation.

I am very impressed with my efforts. I hope that you will receive many good things in the future. 
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Hi. Sorry i just your message today. Was wondering how you're step 2ck went?
Hope everything worked out.
Strong Step 2 CK Score: Given your Step 1 history, a strong performance on Step 2 CK is essential. You mentioned that your recent NBME 9 score was 231, which is a good start. Continue to focus on your Step 2 CK preparation and aim for the highest score possible.

Clinical Rotations: Doing clinical rotations is a great idea to gain US clinical experience and obtain strong letters of recommendation. Since you are considering Family Medicine and Internal Medicine, it's a good idea to do rotations in both specialties. This will show your interest and commitment to both fields and give you exposure to different areas of medicine. Bitlife
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