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looking for a medical scribe for residency application
hi, there!
We are looking for a medical scribe to work in an outpatient Pain Medicine clinic at a university-affiliated hospital in KCMO from June 2023 to June 2024. Our purpose is to train you exactly like a resident, if you are interested in matching to a residency program in Anesthesiology, Psychiatry, Neurology, or Internal Medicine or Family medicine in the upcoming application season. We apologize that this clinical experience will not be helpful if you are interested in a Pathology residency.
Your daily work will involve:
1.      Reviewing patients' charts
2.      Collecting patients' history and performing physical exams (mainly focusing on chronic pain)
3.      Presenting cases to the attending physician
4.      Discussing your treatment plans with the attending physician
The attending physician will provide feedback, and we will learn together. Finally, you will have to write the formal notes yourself, and the attending physician will revise them. As you can see, the job description is exactly what resident physicians should accomplish during their training. We recently helped a medical scribe match to her first-choice Neurology residency in another university-affiliated hospital, and we will need a new one when she leaves in June 2023.
The ideal candidate should be:
1.      Someone whose final career goal is to become a physician in the USA. We want to use this extremely rare training opportunity to help more IMGs match into their dream residency programs. We are not interested in anyone who does not have big dreams and would waste this golden training opportunity.
2.      A holder of a green card. Unfortunately, the university will not provide any visa support for the medical scribe position.
3.      Willing to stay with us for 12 months from June 2023 to June 2024. If you cannot relocate to KCMO for approximately 12 months, this job might not be suitable for you.
4.      Hard-working (40 hours per week, no extra work).
5.      Fluent in English with good team-working spirit.
6.      Ready to match and just waiting for first-hand clinical experience in the American healthcare system. If you are not ready for the match, please finish your steps first.
The university will provide you with full employee benefits. When you apply for residency, you can describe this job in detail, as this training opportunity will be more meaningful than any Observership or Externship.
I copy the job link blow. Pls apply

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