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Associate physician in Utah,Missouri,Arkansas
I am an old International Medical Graduate ( OB/GYN from Germany) came to the US in 2005, meanwhile US citizen. ECFMG certified in 2010. 
Did a postdoctoral fellowship in OB/GYN research with some publications, worked as a surgical first assistant to a Neurosurgeon for several years and for the past 5 years working for Medtronic as a Senior Clinical Specialist. 
Applied to residency in the first few years after my ECFMG certification but was always unsuccessful. 
I am meanwhile 58 years old but not being able to work as a clinician and in patient care makes me very discontent even as I am pretty successful in my current role and the salary is good too. However, I am missing  the clinical practice  and direct patient care as I feel that I have still much to give,- but  I don't know if I would ever stand the chance to get into residency with my age.
I would be  more than willing to work in rural areas and found out that Utah,Missouri, Arkansas, Washington and a couple of other states issue restricted licenses to work as an associate physician.
Has anybody had experience with this and can give me some advice?
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