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Help with preparing for the USMLE Step 1

I am a medical student and since day one of medical school, I've struggled with memorizing and answering questions. To help me with vignette styled questions and to pass the USMLE I created a website called MedMap. Here is the link: MedMap Link

At first I built it just so me and my close friends could use it to study, but then overtime other people at my school started asking me if I could give them access to my website. Here is the thing. I am in no way good at studies. In my first year of med school I was barely passing, even though I was studying for 10+ hours everyday. It's just that I was having a really difficult time answering questions. I would learn the theory and master it but when I would go to answer the questions I wouldn't know how to approach them. By the end of first year, I got a bit better but still it was taking me 6-7 minutes to answer a question. I created this website to help me. My website uses AI, to learn what concepts you are bad at and then shows you more questions related to that subject. After about 40 days of usage the AI gets really good, and starts predicting your score with a 97% accuracy. I know this because we tested it on a 11 people from our school and it predicted their score with a 97% accuracy. Anyways, it also has mindmaps that give you the whole First Aid as a mind map. I really enjoy this feature, because for me the First Aid is not really that well organized, and looking at a mind map just works for me. 

BTW, I trained my AI on 50,000 board styled questions, so all the questions are 100% original and teach you only the stuff that is very likely to appear on the STEP.

I wanted to keep this website free because I know that people at my school benefitted from it, and I want to help as many people as possible, but I am a student and I have to pay server fees, and cloud GPU fees for continuously training the AI models. 

If anybody is interested you can use the coupon code STEP150 to get 50% off any plan. 

To redeem the code, complete the registration, and on the payment page enter the code STEP150 to get 50% off.

I really hope this helps as many people as possible. ✌️
Good day to everyone. I'm a new member and hope you can help me.
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