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CK writeup & Free coupon code for predict my step score
Just wanted to share my experience on taking CK last month. Took step 1 back in 2021 and got 245. Hopefully my experience will  be helpful for folks who did Step 1 a long time ago

[b]Assessment scores (all done online):[/b]
NBME 10: 244 (69 days out)
NBME 12: 237 (50 days out)
PMSS: 240+-8
UWSA 1: 250 (6 weeks out)
NBME 9: 252 (5 weeks out)
PMSS: 248+-10
NMBE 13: 246 (4 weeks out)
NBME 11: 256 (3 weeks out)
New New Free 120: 73% (15 days out, done at the test center)
PMSS: 250+-5
Old New Free 120: 78% (14 days out)
Old Old Free 120: 88% (13 days out)
UWSA 2: 253 (12 days out)
NBME 14: 249 (1 week out)
CMS forms % correct: from 70% to 85% (≈ 20 to 25)
Predicted score: 255 +/-14
Duration studied: around 10 months (last 6 weeks were dedicated)
Actual Step 2 score: 247

[b]Main resources:[/b] UW, Divine, Anki, NBMEs, CMS forms (I did 21 forms), UWSAs, all three Free 120s, and Amboss Ethics/QI questions.

[b]UWorld:[/b] The gold standard for Step 2.

[b]Divine intervention podcasts:[/b] I listened to HY podcasts and I highly recommend them. Divine is great at highlighting those points in a very memorable way.

  • The exam needs working on test-taking skills besides knowledge and I think the only way to improve those is by solving as many new questions as possible. The major pitfall that I made was that I wasted too much time on anki which did not help me that much. I believe that it is much better to make customized cards of UW incorrects (or unsuspend corresponding cards from anking) but you do not need to do a huge amount of cards like in Step 1. I never regretted using Anki and I think it is very effective especially if you are away from your Step 1. I only regret using it inefficiently.
  • Train yourself on the HPI questions because there are many of those on the exam and they are not well covered in UW or the NBMEs. (I think UW recently increased their amount but not sure).
  • Predict my step score is great in giving you an idea of where you stand. My university got a free 1 month subscription for everyone but I got 2. DM me if you want a free coupon code!
Feel free to ask any questions.
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