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I am very thankful for passing the USMLE step3 exam, I would like to thank my study partners I met on this forum and all the hard work paid off. I studied for 8 weeks with study partners I met here and took a very good course Goldusmle review helped me increase my NBME score on NBME 5 and gave me the confidence to take the exam, they will tell you what's important and what's not for the exam they do a systemic question based review on Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obgyn and Psychiatry and cover all the body systems as well. The review was done very well and it helped me so much on Day 1. I am a single mother raising a child by myself and I only had time at night to study, and I am glad I did their course 
I also read over FA for step1 and step3 to cover the basic mechanisms, and went over the Gold notes for USMLE step3, it was very helpful and I highly recommend it, they will let you know what to focus on and what is the most important for the exam.
I am all done with USMLE so happy it's over with now I can graduate from my program.
Thank you everyone

I am glad I took the course, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to pass USMLE step3 on their first attempt
congratulations and good luck to you it was a pleasure being your study partner
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