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Passed CBSE and USMLE step1 its finally over with what I used to prepare
I took 8 weeks to prepare for CBSE and another 4 weeks to finish USMLE step 1 and I am would like to thank my study partners I met on this forum for helping me and being with me from day 1 and I am so happy I was able to get by this in time. My medical school required me to finish CBSE and I had a hard time on my own. Then I joined the goldusmle course and they helped me pass my CBSE and my Step1 after. I am very thankful to my study partners for the hours we spent together on the weekends. I used FA, UW, and GoldUSMLE rapid review was definitely what made the difference for me on my CBSE and also on my STEP1, my school required me to pass my CBSE and I took the GoldUSMLE course and they helped me pass the CBSE and they allowed me to stay in the STEP1 course as well. They give rapid fire review on all the body systems and subjects especiially Physiology,Pharm, Pathology, Cardiology and Pathophysiology was the best part for me. They cover all the subjects very thoroughly and quiz you throughout the course. I highly recommend them without hesitation, it was the best choice I made for my USMLE Step1 prep, they focus on the high yield material and go over it in an integrative manner. 
I thank goldusmle for helping me achieve my score and I highly recommend them

It's all about confidence and the buzzword retention, a lot of the stuff covered in class popped up on the exam and they covered a lot of high yield facts.
Congratulations on passing, it was an honor and pleasure to be your study partner thank you for time and you also made me improve to a great extent. thank you

thank you for the help
congratulations on passing you deserved to pass now on to step2ck
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