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I am reaching out to urgently inform and request the community's assistance in spreading the word about a serious issue concerning ACMedical, also known as Americlerkships. For years, this organization has been prominently active in the sector, engaging in extensive advertising. Recently, they have announced bankruptcy, leaving numerous individuals with visa letters and pending rotations stranded and without recourse. Attempts to contact the organization are met with a voicemail message indicating their unfortunate bankruptcy situation. It is particularly distressing to note that Pedram Mizani, the head of the organization, is directly involved in these circumstances. Adding to the concern, his wife, Jacquelin Mizani, has launched a new website ( amidst these developments. This new venture is being promoted as an affordable platform dedicated to empowering women, which raises significant ethical questions considering the unresolved financial obligations of ACMedical/Americlerkships.

Upon further investigation, I have found no evidence of an official bankruptcy filing by ACMedical to date. This discrepancy calls into question the legitimacy of their bankruptcy claim made approximately 12 weeks ago—a claim that coincides with the launch of the new site by Jacquelin Mizani.This situation is not only deeply troubling but also offensive to all those affected by ACMedical's actions. I am committed to raising awareness about this issue to prevent further harm and to assist those who have been left without recourse. I urge anyone affected by ACMedical or Americlerkships to consider reaching out to the newly established site as a potential avenue for resolution. In response to these findings, I plan to contact both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Attorney General's office in California to seek their intervention. Your support in sharing this information is crucial. Together, we can help protect the community and ensure that justice is served. Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your help in disseminating this warning.  Look Im not a bitter person have 3 years I matched but I have juniors that are literally stranded in this mess and they had visa letters sent money and boom they dissappear their website is still up but they are now working off another site. This is unbelievable we are educated smart people we should not allow people to take advantage of us because we are immigrants
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