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Step 1 advise request
Goodmorning everybody, 
I ' m Gianluca from Italy. Last December I  completed my four year long residency in Endocrinology and since then I have been studying hard to take the 1st step of the USMLE as I want to relocate in an English speaking country (the USA/Australia/New Zealand/Ireland) to practice medicine. 

My spouse is American and he is the main reason why I am taking this very hard journey: at the current moment in fact I have a career in Italy 

For the past months I have studied an insane amount of hours per day: I purchased an ebook version of FA and crafted my own notes using FA as a basis and integrating it with Osmosis and Bootcamp videos.

Now I need to start the second part of the studying which is going through the Note I crafted and starting using UWorld.

Do you think the study materials I used and I am about to use are ok ?  Could you recommend any Anki deck to make the memorization process swifter ?

Thank you very much in advance   Smile I wish you all a very amazing day & week.
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