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Step 3 advice
Passed Step 3. Please focus on CCS strategy. Practice, Practice and Practice. CCS cases is the most favorable resource out there. Club it with Crush CCS. For each system (CVS,GI,EMERG...) have a basic template in mind, it will help you on exam day. Numerous resources are available. Don't get confused by using too many. Focus on a few but know them well. I personally used a tutor to guide me through the process. I used him just once a week. He was brilliant and taught me the right approach to the exam: ( at Thank you USMLE Forum!). Most importantly his sessions were under $100 and you pay after each session. He was very flexible with timings, too. Whether to use a study partner or signing up for a tutor is totally a personal choice, every candidate is different. If you have failed the test it would be advisable to reach out for some help. Remember you are a physician and you have come a long way, Step 3 is just another hurdle which will pass.
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