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How much time did you allocate for studying for Step 2 CK, and what did your study sc
I allocated about 3 months for studying for Step 2 CK. My study schedule was pretty structured:

Weeks 1-2: Focused on reviewing high-yield topics and weaknesses from Step 1. Used resources like UWorld, First Aid, and OnlineMedEd.
Weeks 3-6: Dedicated to system-based review using UWorld questions and supplementing with textbooks for difficult topics.
Weeks 7-8: Intensive practice exams (NBME, UWSA) to gauge progress and identify weak areas. Reviewed incorrect answers thoroughly.
Weeks 9-11: Focused revision on weak areas identified from practice tests. Continued daily UWorld questions and reviewed OnlineMedEd videos.
Week 12: Final review week. Went over high-yield topics, rapid review resources, and took another practice exam a few days before the test.

I studied 6-8 hours daily, with regular breaks and weekends for rest. This schedule helped me stay organized and cover all necessary material.
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