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What are the most effective study resources and strategies for preparing for USMLE St
For USMLE Step 2 CK preparation, several resources and strategies:

UWorld Qbank: Essential for practice questions and understanding exam format.

First Aid for Step 2 CK: Comprehensive review book covering high-yield topics.

OnlineMedEd: Excellent for clinical knowledge and video lectures.

Step-Up to Medicine: Useful for internal medicine and other specialties.

NBME Self-Assessments: Important for assessing progress and identifying weak areas.

Strategically, create a study schedule that includes regular review of core subjects, practice with UWorld, and self-assessment exams to gauge readiness. Don't forget to integrate clinical rotations and real-life patient encounters to reinforce learning. Good luck!"
Im very happy with my results and I am very thankful to my study partners I found on this forum for helping me clear my exam with higher performance. I would like to strongly recommend the GOLDUSMLE step 2ck (12 weeks) program. I took the live in person course in houston and online as well and I was able to boost my NBME score by 30 points. I PASSED MY STEP 2ck exam with a high performance. I found the sessions to be very helpful and Dr Thomas did an excellent job integrating the material they focus heavily on the best next step and proper sequencing for each clinical vignette. The clinical sequencing was emphasized and I had a lot of things going on in my life. I felt I had few options left and time was running out my exam. I decided to try it because of the small class size and the direct access to the staff. I was hopeful with the first week and by the second week I had my confidence back. Dr. Thomas teachings really clicked for me, and he really nailed it when it came to my questions and the staff was always patient & kind.
Uworld first pass % correct: 75% (completed 100% of questions)
Uworld second pass % correct: 91% (completed 25% of questions)
NBME11: 228 (45 days out)
UWSA 1: 247 (18 days out)
UWSA 2: 258 (11 days out)
NMBE13: 254 (7 days out)
NBME12: 257 (6 days out)
Its a doable exam don't get discouraged by the NBME do all of them and learn them well.
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