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scope in cardiac surgery in usa -
imran aslam - imranaslam171_2000

dear friends ,i have nearly cleared my plab and i want to know ,what is the scope of a mediocre student like me in cardiac surgery.if its good then i might think about usmle.can any body help me in this regard.
Surgeon - tirofiban2000

Hey man! Why u wanna leave UK. U can do cardiac surgery there. Uk is great!! IN USA its a long long journey for cardiac surgery.
So my advice stay in UK. Do your plabs and stick to FRCSSmile
ALL the best
Nanda Patel

Hey! England sux. its better to do FP in usa than do even Neurosurg in England esp if u r an Indian. No future man there. All they want is to throw u out at the first oportunity!
Either marry an English girl or give steps and forget about Plabs etcSmile Try your luck with Uncle Sam. there is laways some thing for every one!
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