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Canadian IMG in Cuba -
Mits - mdmd5

Hey! well, I've just finished my 3rd year out of a 6 yr program at the University of Santa Clara in CUBA. Can anyone tell me whether or not I should try to transfer to an american school in the carribean or elsewhere? This is the first time I really sit down and figure everything out and I'm not sure if I'm just a regular IMG or worse? Any help appreciated

learn well ,give step 1 at the end of 4 th year ,obtain at least 85,try to tranfer in an am. med. school (2 nd year of study -they study 4)

thanks AQ for replying. Would a school in the States take me in or is that out of the question just like it is in Canada? Will it really make a difference if I do transfer to a school in the caribbean? What's the scoring system for USMLE?
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