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can i apply for match?????? -

I have failed in my step 2 exams, i have given my step 1 got 88..i have my csa booked already in the month of u think i stand a chance for match 2003...if so..what measures do i take...
i also already have my eras token...
pls advice me..
i dont know what to do now..
i am an img...what subjects do u think i have as an option????

pls, pls reply soon..

thanks a lot for all ur responses in advance

Dr. Raza - gin1759

yes u can. first thing is to believe in urself. right now u must apply for residency programs uptil november when u take csa. in month of october apply for step 2 and take a date of january. study kaplan notes of medicine and surgery and trauma. take the kaplan cd test and do qook. i hope that u'll pass and ur result will be available prior to match.

any other problem. u may email me at gin1759

thanks a lot..can i know about the programs i can apply for..
will i have to thoink of family practiceor what?

what else do u advise?
thanks again
Dr. Raza - gin1759

my advice is to go for internal medicine and family paractice. and b4 applying search for the programms who have morethan 30 PGY1 positions. U'll have a better chance of geeting a call from those prog. donot go for Emergency M. or rare and competetive prog

Best of luck
DR. Raza

excuse me but what i wrong with Family Practice?! maybe u should clear ur step 2 before talking.good luck.
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