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any chances -
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where and how could i work as a volunteer to make for my low scores as well as improve my chances at matching.

Did you try with RedCross? If you have a chance, I think it is best opportunity. Or, try with your local hospitals. Working as a volunteer will definitely improve your chances. Good Luck.

why not just stay and help the people in your country rather than take time trying to match in US?

Don't volunteer anywhere, it is unlikely to improve your chances. You will just waste your time and effort. They will write excellent reference letters and tell you how good you are, and on the Match Day you will see that it doesn't correlate with your getting into residency at all. I know it by my own experience. Sorry to tell you this, just channel your energy into something more productive.

what you makes sense. i need guidance in this process, reply
at mledoc@yahoo

I can't provide any guidance. I am looking for a residency position myself, without any success so far. I just know that, in many instances, those experiences (volunteering etc.) just didn't work, including my own situation. Of course, I know that some folks managed to get a position by volunteering. However, we just don't know all the factors, besides their volunteering activities, that helped them in the process. One of the guys claimed that he got a position with a low score, and later I found that his "low" score was 84 for both steps. And I wouldn't like to see FMG devoting all their time for keeping their research projects going just to get their worthless reference letters. It is like gambling, you can figure out what your chances of success are.

to img, even i have heard that research does not help in getting a position , but good recommendation letters do,and of course luck matters most ,thanks for the reply and good luck in your Residency

I agree with the above.. volunteering may not help much.. research maybe a little.. the things that counts most are letters and scores..
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