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medical school creditional -

am medical school graduate from africa, i completed 6 year medical education in one of new college ,i found amessage from ecfmg telling me that they recieved my creditional but it doesn,t meet ecfmg requirements.i already pass step 1,2 with high score
and i did several interviews and now preparing for my csa session in mid jan.does this gonna affect my chance of getting a residency position?.please help me if you have any idea. thanks

sorry folks ,what i mean is medical school credentials.

Hello bishop. Is your school listed in the WHO book? It also helps to contact those from higher batches or lower batches from your school so that you can ask about where they have been accepted. Your school has to meet the criteria set by ECFMG so that u will be able to be certified. I hope this helps.

i really appreciate your school is listed in WHO medical directory.ecfmg did not give me any explanation why
it doesn,t meet the ecfmg requirements.

Hi Bishop,
I guess you could talk to your medical college office to see what the matter is. Have they sent the required confirmation letterin the proper format. You can call ECFMG to fingd out what exactly is the problem. Good luck.

ask ecfmg why? but if your school does not really meet ecfmg standards, we can not do anything then. good luck.
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