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anxious for pathology -
kg - konaracer


I found this board on a search on google. I am a PGY2 in a pt. based program. I am switching to Path. I KNOW this is what I want to do. I like the science of medicine and the investigational aspect of path. I am so worried, as I hear competition has increased. I am an American grad., all three US scores of 86, honored a lot of rotations. But I have no pathology rotations, nothing published (although I participated in rsch. in med school and undergrad.), and worst of all, I took 2 yrs. after my internship due to a death in the family. I also competed as a pro. athlete during this time. I am afraid this will count against me. Does anyone know if I am competitive at all???? And when should I tell my current program? I am so scared that I wont get a spot! I have 10 + interviews, but I keep hearing how compeitive it is.


as an amg, do not be anxious. you will make it even if your scores are 75. if you were an fmg with those credentials, you might not make it.

Hey, pathology is what I want to do too!
The difference is, I got 99 on both step 1 and step 2. I mean, 99 each.
From what I hear, pathology is easy to get here in the US, so don't worry, you'll be just fine.
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