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applying for Pathology - Please gather here - peace4all
hey you guys are making me terribly nervous. Great scores, PhD degree ! You will surely get what you want.
Sharp - Did you apply for the Illinois license for the interview ?
Don't worry peace4all, everyone has his/her own shining points, and anything is the possible reason for the PD to take you. Just try our best. As for the Illinois license, I heard that it is not necessary to have it before the interview. Some programs may ask for a 150 points of CME credits before the interview though (maybe U of Chicago), just overheard from someone else.

lina27, you must be very confident, admire you that you don't need to spend so much money on the application!
Hello, everyone. Please count me in. i am very interested in Pathology.

s1/92, s2/88, cs( passed), s3 ( passed). 3 US LORs ( University professors, all MD), more than 10 first author papers. Observeship 1 months in Pathology lab.

More than 10 years away from clinical service. I am doing basic research ( like a postdoc) in a clinical department of a top US medical school. I would like to try as many programs as I can.
please keep this thread alive!!!
Hi sharp,
Thanks! Actually being a mom has taught me endurance. I took all my steps after I had my first one two years ago!
I really hope to match in the univ I am working in currently. It is a great place to work in, and frankly I am lazy about moving. But I am still going to apply to the other top 20 programs. I really want to use my PAth residency to get into a tenure track faculty position later on. It is much easier for md/phd than Phd alone these days, given the funding situation.
YES, please keep this thread alive. It will be great to keep in touch esp once interview calls start pouring in.
I am interested in pathology too!! But I will apply next year !Now I am doing a volunteer in Anatomy and cell biology lab.....How far this will help me? What can I do to improve my CV?
To Sharp ...What do u mean by 150 points of CME ?
To mdplus...What is the difference between observership and externship in pathology?..What by 1st author paper?

To zado999:

observeship: just see how pathologists do their jobs.
externship: I don't think you can find externship in pathology field since it is hand-on experience.

first author papers: publications.
Is TOEFL and GRE required for pathology master?
Zado - TOEFL and GRE are not required for MD Pathology.
I mean the other !!..Phd pathology
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