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applying for Pathology - Please gather here - peace4all
I will send u one , but after my 1573986 hour flight,hold on !!!
Did you guys send your application out yet?
I did, despite that I can not get the MSPE from my school and will let ECFMG put a neutral one for me. Since I heard that MSPE is not a big deal for IMG, I would not bother to do it and spend more time on step3 prep. I also have a last LOR to be scanned, which arrived in ECFMG-ERAS on Aug, 27th. So only 3 LORs are available for now.
Pathology is popular this year Smile
I would say it is a two-side thing. During recent years, the percentage of IMG in pathology has been stable, around 15-20%. So every year you will see similar amount of IMG in this specialty. The competition depends on the number of applicants because the total number of recruitment does not change much. Pathology is a middle level choice for AMGs, but that is not our business because we are not competing with AMGs for a same pool. So I think pathology is always like this every year, may vary a little bit, though.
people like three 99s, Phds, patho residency, patho works, top school will definitely take you instead of taking AMGs. since you can work wihout supervision immediately. GL to you guys all

as to IMG friendly list, I really don't think it's true. like columbia presbeterian, it was listed as IMG friendly, but I heard that they never took IMGs. so shocked me if it is IMG friendly.
I saw there are sometimes 3 or 4 tracks for the same programs. Did you guys select all of them? Is CP or AP only not good for applying for fellowship later?

Thanks for any input.

Also , lets keep this thread up
I am selecting either AP/CP or AP only. If they have weird tracks like AP/hemopath or some research track I look them up before I decide. It really depends what you want to do later on.
I'm applying for patho too
applied to 72 progs
step1 241/99
step2 232/96
cs passed first attempt
have GC
MS degree here and 1 paaper published
2 month externship
graduated 2006
Thanks for the reply, algernon

About the research track, does that mean after training we can only be a scientist or we can be a clinical pathologist who does some research?
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